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Sacred Garden

Dear reader, today I would like to share with you the reflections concerning one mysterious secret …

Life is teeming on our planet, being fine in its variety, and all beings inhabiting it have something in common - it is DNA, the most perfect data carrier created by the nature.

What secrets does this mysterious double spiral keep in itself? Perhaps it is the smart code of trans-species distinction of inhabitants of the Universe invented by the talented geneticist? It is very likely that this text coded by means of four letters of nucleotides stores in itself riddles of the past and even the future!

Sacred Garden

Sacred Garden - Cherkesov Cherkez 2017

The Sacred Garden exists within our souls. It is the place where our past, present and future experiences co-exist.

So, what distinguishes us, people, within our species? Color of eyes, skin, hair? Temperament, features of character? Outlook and attitude? Every person is unique, and even twins, absolutely similar externally, can be completely different from each other internally. All of us are thus different in spite of the fact that our genetic test coincides for 99.9 percent. At first sight, it is an insignificant figure, but even one tenth percent are about three million letters! I am ready to risk assuming that distinctions can be defined not by only genes, but also by how they work. I think that the spirals of two people can differ not only in quantity and speed of the proteins produced; is it possible, that qualitative characteristics of functioning of a spiral are not less important, than its structure?

Half a century ago the Japanese introduced the term of "junk DNA", - in my opinion, it is strange … Ninety-five percent of the sequence of human genome are garbage? And only five work? Can there be something superfluous in such perfect creation as the human? Of course, not. In my opinion, the more suitable term is the Dormant DNA and, it is possible, that everything is much simpler than we can imagine … Everything is simple, the sleeping DNA has t proteins functions of which are not established yet, but it is a matter of time. I am ready to assume that it is nothing other but the ANTENNA - a key to all mysteries of the Universe.

I was quite frightened recently by a thought about dangerous games with genetic material. But just think, perhaps a person was born thanks to a workshop of a game of the great sculptor with genes of other beings from different galaxies?

So, what is hidden there, in this fine spiral? I am sure that in the nearest future the code will be eventually cracked, and it will be breakthrough. And so far we have a difficult way ahead, and it will take years, or perhaps decades. I feel that results will surpass all our most impudent expectations.

Our past, present and future are connected and decisions taken at one point influence the others. The greatest secret of the Sacred Garden is our power to influence the world which surrounds us and shape it by drawing on our experience of the past, our creativity in the present and our potential awaiting to be discovered in the future.

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