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The Life

Dear Reader,

How often do you ask yourself "Who am I?”, “Who created this world?”, “Are we unique in the Universe?” Personally, the more questions I ask myself, the more questions I have. Quite often I feel like an illiterate child who accidentally found themselves in a gigantic library of books written in different languages from around the world.

The more mature I become, the more I realize that a conventional settled life is not for me. I do not know what my mission in this life is, but nevertheless I feel that now there are tasks of global importance before me, which are much more grandiose, than I could ever imagine. So, what is life, death and the power of thought?

the life

The Life - Cherkesov Cherkez 2017

From birth, from the very first breath, the brain begins to grow old slowly. The number of neurons, which amount to tens of billions, every day decreases. When it comes to the connections between neurons, however, these increase over the years, and the quality of connections grow as long as a person breathes. For this reason, we become wiser with age.

The cells of all living organisms are restored by the algorithm given to them by nature. Is it possible to update them without restriction, just by rearranging places or cutting out certain blocks of DNA from a chain? What if we could thus program our cells to self-heal and regenerate?

Perhaps we should consider a radically different possibility. What if ageing and disease were the result of our thinking and perception of life in general? If that were the case, we should study the possibility that a reorientation of our thoughts, a redirection of our spirit, may benefit our flesh.

Nowadays, mankind generally recognizes the material universe only. But what lies hidden there, outside this keyhole through which we are forced to look? It is as if our brain will only allow us to perceive reality as it sees fit, for our basic survival. All of us, voluntarily or not, are captives!

Nevertheless, who are we? Are we mere passive observers or active creators of life? And what lies outside our perception of reality?

Modern neuroscience, as well as genetics, biology, quantum physics and mathematics separately have undoubtedly made outstanding breakthroughs in recent years. However, each of these sciences represents a true, but at the same time, very unilateral view. Now, in the ever expanding ocean of data, we surely need the multilateral approach from a thinker and philosopher who will work not only in the field of sciences but also in the light of ancient knowledge and other esoteric teachings. Only then, through trying to unite seemingly incompatible concepts – science and spirituality – will we have a chance of answering the most fundamental question of all time, "Who am I?"

During the time given to us in the physical world we experience the past, present and future.
In Life the agency of our past experiences are represented in the left of the artwork by a variety of colours and shapes created via the process of automatic synchronized drawing, fixed but uninfluenced.
The present is represented by the central line which both connects and divides our past and future experiences. It is here that we have a power to correct our past mistakes and develop our future; the only time in which we can really experience living is the present moment, the here and now, without which there would be no impression of the already gone and the soon to come. Living in the moment, NOW, can help us to both shape a happier future and reimagine the past. The centre of the artwork can be thought of as a bridge between the past and the future.
The dark space on the right-hand side represents experiences yet undiscovered but anticipated - the future is created by the decisions taken in the present.

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