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About me

“I have to admit that I'm not the originator: when I start a new piece, I don't have any plan or notion of what it will be, but looking at the blank canvas I know that the image is already there. My task is to give definition, being, to something that in a sense already exists.”

Cherkesov Cherkez

Solo Driven Art represents invisible waves becoming matter.

My name is Cherkez Cherkesov

Having been told that I will never be able to draw well, as I was not able to employ certain techniques and styles taught at school as well as some other classmates, I now feel that the boundaries and limitations of a traditional art education had a negative effect on my self-esteem and that criticism from teachers had slowed me down.

However, change came one day when I just took a ruler, a pen and a blank piece of paper and started drawing. It was when, for the first time in my life, I didn’t think about anything I had been told or taught was the right way, when I simply relied on my heart and on my intuition, that I finally created something I considered to be truly beautiful.

From that moment onwards I have ceased listening to criticisms unless they came from my family or close friends, as they are the people who truly want me to be successful. I have doggedly decided to follow my dreams and use my own unlimited imagination. I started creating my own style, using my own techniques and the materials I wanted, where I wanted and when I wanted.

I believe that art should not be concerned with knowledge but with the satisfaction the artist gets from the process, from being creative. If you give love and have attention to detail and develop each piece individually, this in turn will develop your very soul. What I have learned from life is that if you treat people well and respect nature, you learn to be more appreciative in general and with such appreciation comes our strongest power: of understanding and truly seeing the world around us. The true masterpiece is the soul of the artist. I know it might sound simple but sometimes all we need to do is look up and appreciate what we see.

about me

"It is my belief that art should concentrate on the beauty of details as in so doing, in the process of creation, there is a stronger connection with the soul in the here and now. With such a connection, limitations of reality can be transcended."


"Do not allow the limitations of other people's minds prevent you from achieving your own goals. Appreciation of the world and the beauty that surrounds us does not come when we merely open our eyes, it comes when we truly learn how to see."