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Million Eyes Of The Shaman

Shamanic practice is central to much spiritual practice. Shamans act as intermediaries between the human world and the spirit world, nature and supernatural realms. Shamans believe that every person has a connection with the creator through their soul.

Shamanism can access supernatural realms through altered states of consciousness and with the help of spirit guides bring a person's soul back to wholeness, curing many ailments, mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.

Many people nowadays, like people in the past, do not believe in the supernatural as they merely can't explain it. However, it has always existed. Million Eyes Of The Shaman is not a name given to refer to physical eyes, but to the unique sensibility of shamans to see, feels and travel into realms that are invisible for many people. This unique sense has allowed shamans for centuries to go beyond the physical into the supernatural, in order to bring harmony to the physical.

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