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The Life

The Life

  • Coloured pen on black rubber, 70cm by 50cm.
  • Handmade wooden floating frame and anti-reflection museum glass.
  • Sold with its certificate of authenticity and signed by Cherkesov Cherkez

During the time given to us in the physical world we experience the past, present and future.

In Life the agency of our past experiences are represented in the left of the artwork by a variety of colours and shapes created via the process of automatic synchronized drawing, fixed but uninfluenced.

The present is represented by the central line which both connects and divides our past and future experiences. It is here that we have a power to correct our past mistakes and develop our future; the only time in which we can really experience living is the present moment, the here and now, without which there would be no impression of the already gone and the soon to come. Living in the moment, NOW, can help us to both shape a happier future and reimagine the past. The centre of the artwork can be thought of as a bridge between the past and the future.

The dark space on the right-hand side represents experiences yet undiscovered but anticipated - the future is created by the decisions taken in the present.

Life is an artwork - coloured pen on black rubber - created through the employment of a variety of techniques that in combination create varied layers. The co-existence of the layers in turn creates a perceptual effect which adds volume and life to the piece.