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Pink sands of Bahamas

Pink sands of Bahamas

  • Coloured pen on black rubber, 70cm by 50cm.
  • Handmade wooden floating frame and anti-reflection museum glass.
  • Sold with its certificate of authenticity and signed by Cherkesov Cherkez

This work was inspired by the endless sands of Bahamas’ beaches. From my point of view, humans are tiny dots in the infinite sands of our universe; the seemingly unanswerable question regarding our ultimate origin and nature arises from both the complexity and simplicity of our being.

Sometimes I ask myself whether our purpose as human beings is to attain a greater spirituality or whether we are spiritual beings a priori whose goal it is to acknowledge our humanity.

Endless sands are for me a representation of the soul: there is no way to calculate how big, enormous or small our souls are and despite their complexity, 7 billion people throughout their lives have had it within their power to either develop or diminish their soul’s eternality. The growth of human bodies, the complexity of the redistribution of oxygen and blood and a million other smaller interactions in turn cannot simply be explained, but none-the-less forms a part of our essential everyday existence.