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Divine Symmetry

The Divine Symmetry

  • Coloured pen on black rubber, 70cm by 50cm.
  • Handmade wooden floating frame and anti-reflection museum glass.
  • Sold with its certificate of authenticity and signed by Cherkesov Cherkez

Perfect symmetry does not exist in nature, only the human spirit can transcend beyond its limitations, grow, develop and break all barriers. In the physical world, as in our human quest to comprehend the Divine Symmetry of which in my belief we are all a part, imperfections can be found in all living beings and inanimate objects. The material world and our comprehension of the Divine Symmetry are far from ideal but I see a special beauty in their imperfections!

The Divine Symmetry - coloured pen on black rubber - was created using what I refer to as a “wish to dive” technique, in which the Divine Symmetry’s life force is tapped and a resultant representation is formed.